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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of School for Hunter

Today was a big day in our household. A true first in Hunter's life... his first day of school. We attended the Open House on Friday to meet his teachers and check out his classroom. Hunter immediately went to the box of trains and cars and played, barely making eye-contact with his teachers. Meanwhile, I chatted with his teachers, who I really liked, signed up to volunteer at classroom celebrations, looked through the folder of information, etc. Daddy came with us to the Open House, and every once and awhile, Hunter would look up at him and say, "Daddy, you're not leaving?" just to check and make sure we weren't there to jump ship!


We spent the Labor Day weekend at the lake- a mini-trip up there. The boys had a blast riding the wave runner and swimming in the water. Hunter was braver this time and attempted to "swim" back and forth to us in the water in his life jacket.


We talked up school as much as we could. I would remind him that he gets to go to chapel, music, have circle time and playtime, and even play on the playground. On top of that, he was going to eat his lunch that mommy packed him in his new Lightening McQueen lunchbox! Cool! He was all good with that, but still would say to me, "But you're not leaving me there?" "Well, but Mommy will be back right after you eat your lunch to get you."

I texted Nancy, my aunt who teaches at the church, and she texted me back while they were in chapel "We are in chapel. He is doing great. He's very serious." You know Hunter, he does not want to sing for anything. Apparently he liked kicking out his new shoes to take a look at them, sat next to a precious little girl and had his arm around her at one point (oh great!) and did what he was supposed to do. After that, I received a call that he was having a great time banging with a hammer on the tool table in the classroom. Sounds like a great day to me!

CLASSIC FIRST DAY PICTURES... MANY MORE TAKEN... and in true Stouffer style, even some video!




The drop off went smoothly- I only saw a little lip tremble from Hunter. Of course, I was worse off because once I walked outside and saw friends and was asked how I was doing, the tears started. I was able to kick into high gear and accomplish a lot in the time that I had...
HEB shopping for the week... check
Unload groceries.... check
Once over clean in the house and vacuum entire house... check
Run some paperwork to Chris' office... check
Water plants and take in papers at Mom and Dad's... check
A quick and indulgent Starbucks run... check
Run to vacuum out my tank, I mean car... check
Still manage to be 10 minutes early in the parking lot to pick up my best buddy!... check!

Great day!

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