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Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Happenings in the Jones Household...

It's been way too long since I have posted, so here's a little look at what we've all been up to lately...

We attempted a day of potty training. It was fun for awhile but Hunter is just not ready. We will hopefully get back on track soon and have Hunter out of diapers before Baby Jones arrives. I set up a little station where he could watch cartoons, read his favorite little books and sit on his own little potty. It was definitely a classic picture opportunity!

This is Hunter's all time favorite thing to do, and I will often find him so intent on playing that he doesn't notice anything else around him. On this particular day, he was lining up as many cars as he could by the fireplace to go into the pretend "waterwash."

We were in Waco in mid-July and Hunter got to see one of the Baylor Bears up close and personal. He thought that was pretty cool!

One night, as an extra special treat, we all had iced down Cokes in the glass bottles. Hunter thought it was pretty fun to get to drink Coke from a cold bottle.

We've been swimming with our friends... it's the only thing you can do in this summer heat that is bearable. Hunter and Kate had a blast together swimming!

We've had some fun friends over to play on the "giant clayground" as Hunter refers to his big playground in the backyard.

We've been watching as Mommy's tummy gets bigger and bigger as I rapidly approach the 3 more months mark. We are getting really excited!
This first pic was taken before church around 22 weeks- Baby Boy is about the size of a spaghetti squash at this point.

This one is another taken shortly past the 22 week mark- belly button in full glory now! :)

Taken with the timer on my camera, hence the top of my head is missing. That's not the important part of the picture anyway. This was taken at 25 weeks.

We've been at friend's bday parties having fun and trying our best not to sing along with the Happy Birthday song! (Notice Hunter covering his face when they were singing. He's not a big singer... can you tell?)

We've had a great summer. So far, Baby Jones is right on track, measuring exactly where he needs to be at this point. I go back in a couple of weeks and then start my every other week visits. It seems like it has flown by so far. It's hard to believe that 3 months from now, he will be here more than likely. Wow! All that is left to do is get a new rug for the nursery and we should be all set.

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