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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How does a Mommy get so lucky?

Spending the day with a little boy who loves to have fun, loves to "wook at myself on the camera", laughs a greater laugh than anyone I know, smiles the biggest smile for no reason at all, looks at you and says, "Hi Mama," can make a funny face with the best of them, tells me "I'm teasin' you Mommy", really has a great sense of humor for a two and a half year old, will say "I want you to sweep in my bed," has mastered manipulation and can get pretty much anything he wants, is smart as a whip, can navigate us home from errands out and about, must be pretty safety conscious because he tells us "Don't go too fast" and "Drive with both hands Mommy", impresses me each and every day with his terrific memory of people, places and things we have talked about, loves to be read to, tells me "Don't do that Mommy" when I sing (who can blame him), can carry on a perfectly intelligent conversation with us, is my best little buddy, wants to be just like his Daddy, loves his family with greater admiration and adoration than even they can imagine, and has made my job as a Mommy the greatest occupation I could have dreamed of...I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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