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Monday, May 14, 2007

A Very Happy Mother's Day

Hunter doing his hilarious "Popeye" face at dinner. All you have to do is ask him to make his funny face and this is what you get. I have a feeling we have a class clown on our hands!
We had a great weekend and I had a great 2nd Mother's Day. We got out of the house and went to the lake and enjoyed a relaxing and beautiful weekend. The weather was great and Hunter loved getting in the lake. I'm glad he's not afraid of the water, but we will have to work on teaching him some boundaries and keep a VERY watchful eye on him by the water.

Chris and Hunter gave me a precious card, my favorite candy and a check made out to one of my favorite stores so that I can get the coffee table I've had my eye on. I'm so excited and was very surprised!

The house is in full swing and hopefully this week we will make some great progress. Tile and wood floors and cabinets should be in order this week. :) I'll update with pictures when I get them. The back patio is being poured early this week too. Can't wait.

All in all, this weekend made me realize how grateful I am for the "job" I have as a mom. It has exceeded all of my expectations. I love that I have learned more in 17 months than any book could ever teach me, that my years as a teacher prepared me for the fact that no 2 days are alike, that joys are found in the smallest things and that God entrusted me with Hunter to love and care for. I'm immensly blessed!

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