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Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Hunter!

After Hunter's trip to Gymboree this morning, we stopped off for a mommy and son lunch. After our little "date" we headed over to the Picture People in the mall to get Hunter's picture taken. Here's what we got! He looks so grown up!

News on the homefront.... paint is going up inside! It's really looking good and if this humidity would decrease we could move a little faster. I'm getting anxious to have a clean house again. We have been living without a stove and without a washer & dryer for about a month now. It's getting a little old and definitely is not convenient with a toddler in the house.

Hunter's latest.... Chris swears that the other day while he was watching his Baby Einstein video that he said "gorilla" when the picture of the gorilla came up on the screen. Wow! I have yet to hear anything that advanced.

Yesterday, we went with our playgroup to ride the train at the zoo. Hunter rode the entire 20 minutes with his mouth wide open. He was amazed! We've riden the train once before but it was after a 2 hour zoo visit and he was not amused. After the train trip yesterday we headed over to Cheesy Jane's for lunch. They have a model train that travels around the ceiling and Hunter sat through lunch saying "choo choo." All of the boys had a great time and I love getting to visit with other moms that are in the midst of the same things that I am.

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