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Monday, December 15, 2014


The season of Christmas has always been a sweet and highly anticipated time of year for me. There really isn't anything I don't love...the hymns and songs, the decorations at home and all around, the hustle and bustle, the thrill of finding the perfect something for the people you love, the times to celebrate with friends and family, and of course, the opportunity to reflect and remember the true meaning of this time....the Greatest Gift of all.

9 years ago, I was a mom-to-be due with a baby boy on Christmas day. It seemed fitting, as the meaning of my own name is "Child of Christmas." This Child of Christmas was due to have a Child on Christmas and it only increased my joy and love for this time of year. I loved being pregnant with all 3 of my babies- the expectant feeling of knowing there was SO much to look forward to. I remember hitting the month of December and finding out that things were progressing and he would likely be a bit early. I was teaching school and wrapping things up there and just prayerful I could get it all done. And I did. Like He always seems to arrange in His own way.

So, 10 days before he was due, he came into our lives. My life was wrecked in the BEST sense of that word. Never again to be the same, my heart now lived outside of me in this tiny, perfect little boy. I looked at him and knew him in an instant. He was mine. Ours. His.
And I remain in awe of the sweetness of the BIRTHday. And so so grateful for the life of this 9 (NINE!!) year old boy who is growing before my very eyes. I love who he is, who he has been and who he is growing to be. I am forever a very sappy parent on each of my children's birthdays- maybe because the day seems so recent and so far at the same time. And it makes me sad, and joyful and terrified and excited all at the same time. 

And then, you BLINK..... and have a boy. A 9 year old boy! Am I even old enough to have a 9 year old?? 
 He is funny, so sweet and sensitive, smart and talented, sincere and caring, athletic and hardworking, and so many good good things. It's enough to make this mama's heart just burst!
 Hunter- we sure do love you. Please, slow time down Lord so the next 9 years don't go nearly as quickly as the first. And thank you, thank you for allowing us the chance to love and nurture this precious child of Yours.

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