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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

4 years old

I originally wrote this post this past summer, which was timely because that's when Emily turned 4. But here it is October and I am just now editing this to post it....

I cannot believe my baby girl is four! Or as she pronounces it, "thor." We celebrated the big birthday just as Emily wanted to- with a Frozen gymnastics party. It was a great party and we loved every minute of celebrating her special day.

Emily is into all things Frozen these days. She still loves to sing the songs from the movie and she also loves to sing our VBS songs from this year. It is the sweetest thing to hear her in the back seat singing so sweetly to those songs.

She is still a stinker a nighttime. She is able to go to sleep in her bed each night but then ends up in our bed every.single.night. It's exhausting! We have started some essential oils to see if they help her sleep cycles even out.

We have since moved to the new house and still struggle with her sleep habits like we did at the old house. She has tried sleeping with the boys in their room on a mattress and that lasted for only a few nights. Her major complaint is that she is the only one who has to sleep alone. Makes me sad.

She loves to talk in this very high, babyish voice. It's cute but also can get old really fast. We have to remind her to talk like a big girl sometimes. I know I will miss that.

She performs all the time- songs, dances, gymnastic routines...She is often in costume or leotards and loves to clomp around in my high heels. While she is all things girl, she can also be all things grungy and tom-boy too. I love that she is a master at both. She can be in shorts and a t-shirt, her ultimate pick, and wear her boots with her hair unbrushed and she is perfectly happy. It can be murder to get her in a nice church dress and put a bow in her hair. And yet, at other times, she is ready to be dolled up and loves to look "boo-ti-full."

We have laughed lately at her antics. She really is a funny little girl and loves to make us laugh with her funny stories, her silly faces and just being goofy. I get such a kick out of watching this girl grow up!

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