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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Charleston, SC

Chris and I went on the 2014 Cavalier's Trip to Charleston the last weekend of February. It was so much fun and we definitely would like to go again. We had beautiful weather aside from a couple hours of rain on Friday. Other than that, we were able to walk around, be outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
We stayed at Charleston Place Hotel- it was so lovely. Here we are about to go walk around on Friday morning. It was a little icky out so we took an umbrella, our coffees and headed out.

 We made our way to the pier and sat on the swings while it rained. It was still fun to be out checking out the city.
 Here's Chris in front of the water.
 We found this pretty little water-side park and loved the slate and brick patterns. It was a peaceful little park.
 In front of the pineapple fountain. Charleston has pineapples all over as a sign of hospitality. We took home an ornament that is a pineapple to remember our (1st) trip to Charleston.
 After lunch at Magnolias (yum!!) with the Walton's and the Conger's, we went on the 2 hour walking tour. It was fascinating and so incredible to hear and see all of the history. Then, we went back to shower and dress for Chris' class dinner at Fish.
 Some of the guys (9 in his class went) in the lobby where the Cavalier's hung their own King's portrait next to some Charleston notables. Ha!!
 At the King's Suite that Friday night. Fun fun!!
 The boys were the bartenders. Kept things lively for sure!
 On of the beautiful single houses. I loved taking pictures of houses the whole weekend.
 A pretty window box. I want to do this here at home.
 The last night we went to a hole in the wall little restaurant for Italian- just the 2 of us. It was wonderful and the atmosphere was amazing!
 Selfies are tough to get right!
 Back to night 2- at Fish with my handsome hubs!