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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The dreaded strep throat has descended upon this household and is taking us down like dominos! Saturday after soccer games, Emily seemed to be running a temperature. She briefly mentioned her mouth hurting and napped a little that afternoon. Chris stayed home with her that evening and I took the boys with me to some of our good friends' house for dinner. On Sunday, she went to church with Chris and I and laid on me the entire time- so not like Emily. So, Monday, I realized I had a sore throat and was feeling crummy myself so I took both of us in to see the doctor. Lo and behold- strep throat! This is my 4th time I think in the last 11 months. Not fun at all! I got a shot then and there and am on antibiotics and Emily got on some antibiotics. Tuesday we laid low here at the house. Her throat was really causing her discomfort, so I called the doctor and he prescribed some Tylenol with codeine. It has helped a little.
E and I lounging with strep throat:

Now, sweet Blake has had a fever since the early morning hours of Wednesday (today) and off and on all day. I took him in and he too has strep. Even without tonsils he has strep. The good thing was that his ears looked clear and I am thankful. We went to see a wonderfully regarded homeopath two weeks ago and started Blake on some new things for ear fluid, reducing sugar intake and milk and overall health. He's been an awesome sport so far with the changes we have made and the supplements we have added in.

Our countertop medicine store:

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