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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Days 2 and 3

The first full day in Seaside was a blast! We made the most of the beach and the pool until early afternoon when Chris and I biked back to the house with the kids for naptime. We were not ever bored during that downtime- I read 3 books over the week and Chris had his laptop to do a little work from the house.

On Sunday, Hunter and I decorated his bike in Watercolor for their "4th of July" parade- even though it was only the 3rd. We biked through the neighborhood to the Camp District area and went to the kid's carnival. He had a blast! I took pictures and video on my iPhone so I don't have them to include here right now. He did water slides, bounce houses, major bounce slip and slides, a dunking booth, a boxing ring and this gladiator game (all on bounce house type deals). We had the most fun afternoon and ended the outing with the most incredible face painting- he was a pirate.

Later that day, we had to drive to the nearest pharmacy because Emily had come down with her 4th ear infection. Bleh! After grabbing yet another antibiotic for Miss Em, we drove back to Seaside for dinner at Great Southern- one of our family's favorites. Their signature dish- grits a ya ya- is INCREDIBLE! I had to order that, of course!
One half of the group at Great Southern
We let the kids run around in the outdoor amphitheatre after dinner and then enjoyed icecream at Heavenly's- a nighttime ritual.
On the 4th, the boys played golf in the morning, so the girls and kids rode bikes and explored, swam at the pool, ate an early lunch and took early naps and were ready to hit the beach when the boys came back. We enjoyed the afternoon at the beach and then came back to shower for the fireworks. As luck would have it, some of my parents' friends from UT were in Seaside and had a condo overlooking the Seaside Town Center. From their balcony, the fireworks were absolutely the most breathtaking I have EVER seen... EVER! be continued

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