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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not so tech savvy

I have tried to publish a post on Blogger now for the past 2 weeks and finally was able to troubleshoot the problem and figured out how to get it posted. So, I am not really just now back from the beach like the post below says. We have been home for over a week now.

LOTS of milestones have been reached in our household the past couple of days. First of all, Hunter graduated from Preschool and finished his first season of t-ball. Coach Case gave lots of sweet compliments to our "South Paw" and Hunter loves his new trophy. He is counting down the days until Kindergarten and seems really enthusiastic for this new step- perhaps more than his mommy is!
Blake has tried and succeeded on the potty several times over the past week. Although it requires patience and more patience on my part, he loves sitting on his Spiderman potty seat and will tell me "Not yet" when I ask if he's all finished. I'm ready to retire the diapers but it's going to take lots of patience and time. So for now, we are going to have to wait until he's a little quicker with the process. This picture sums up Blaker Boo- poppy in mouth and just bopping along. That's another process we need to work on and I've got some plans in the work to nip the poppy (pacifier) habit soon.

Emily is nearing 11 months and walked on May 23!!! She has taken one, two and even three steps before, but on Monday she walked 12 steps in a row across the room. I had tears in my eyes cheering her on silently from behind as she walked proudly towards her sweet daddy who was smiling ear to ear. He was so proud of his little girl. She also sprouted her FIRST tooth yesterday on the bottom left. So, a tooth and walking all in one week!! She also has a funny game she plays with me. I will say, "Say Mama." And Emily will reply back, "Da Da Da Da." So I will ask again and she will repeat, "Da Da Da." Then if I ask again and again she will finally smile big and shake her head No! Ha!!

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