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Thursday, March 3, 2011

This One's for Uncle Russ

I've been notified that it's been over a month since my last post. I've had every intention of updating the blog but haven't seem to have had the time to actually do it. So here goes....

The month of February was a great one. We had my birthday, a San Antonio snow (or dusting), the rodeo, lots of fun playtimes, a trip to Waco, and a trip to the lake. Hunter seems to be feeling like his old self. I am so glad about that. Blake is talking more and more and putting words into full sentences. It's like he has exploded with words and phrases and it's so fun. Emily is off and running- well crawling actually. She moves like an inch worm across the floor and is very good at getting from one place to another even though she doesn't move in the typical crawling form.

Our very impressive snow here in SA. It was enough for the kids to play and then not stick around for too long. We were happy with the little bit we got.

Emily sporting her lavender hat in Waco.

Blake styling his hair with water from the bathroom sink. This boy is ALWAYS up to something!

Giggling at his Bapa in Waco.

The Jone-hagens at the Rodeo. They had a blast! This was our 3rd year to go together.

Our 3 ready to Rodeo SA! It looks like Hunter is holding a knife to Emily's throat. Lovely.

Em and I posing before Chris and I headed out for a night at the rodeo.

Emily was absolutely perfect the entire time we were on the rodeo grounds. At one point, I peeked in the stroller and found her fast asleep. Sweet girl was rodeo'd out.

Blake could not stop giggling on his pony! He loved it.

Hunter was thrilled to ride the ponies again. He's an old pro.

This girl LOVES to swing. I mean LOVES IT!

Emily and Uncle Blake

At the lake- already dressed the part!

Our family (minus Em) on a boat ride at the lake.

Lady E at the lake

Hunter celebrated DAY 100 at school this past week with these awesome glasses.

Overall, Feburary was a great month. We are so grateful to have spring-like weather these past couple of weeks. We've spent lots of time outside. Hunter can now successfully ride his bike without training wheels. He was a fast learner. It took him only a couple of times to figure it out. I'm so proud! Back soon! Won't let so much time pass.

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