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Friday, January 8, 2010

Drumroll please....

Big news in the Jones House...

This is how we let people know that Baby Three is on the way! I had to play with the holidays because Hunter was due Christmas day and born 10 days early. Blake was due at Thanksgiving and born about 10 days before and this little Bebe is due around mid July so surely he/she will be here around the 4th. So, my little firecracker!

I am nearly 14 weeks and doing great. So far, this has been the easiest one so far. I have felt really good and had random bouts of total exhaustion. Aside from that, things are great! Hunter is thrilled and repeatedly reminds me that the baby is for sure a boy. When you ask him why, he says, "Because boys don't have hair pointing down. Girls do." Apparently, after showing him a real-life picture of what a little baby looks like at this stage, the "no hair" thing has him convinced that it must be a boy. Ha! I would bet my money on that too though!

Bebe Jones is the size of a lemon these days. Hard to believe a little person so small and yet already so developed is flipping around in there. As for finding out- my vote is no and Chris' vote is yes. My money is on Chris on this one- I bet he wins! :) Not that it is not exciting to know, and practicality tells me to find out, but knowing this is it makes me wish for the utter thrill and exhileration of finding out when they are born.

Bebe's heartbeat was heard about a week ago at a healthy 159 beats a minute. Again, to dispell all wives' tales, Hunter's was 139 and Blake's was 178. So there! There is no rhyme or reason (except for maybe what you ate) for why it is fast or slow.

I've only seen the bebe once- on the 8 week sono and it just looked like a peanut then, but I am sure it's downright adorable.


Spotted-Bird said...

Congratulations!!! Not that my vote counts, but I vote for finding out ASAP. I have no patients. I am with Chris, but totally get your point. Glad you are feeling well.

The Maguire's said...

SO exciting!! I hope it is a girl but another boy would be a hoot!! ;) Congrats!!

Jaime said...

This is why I love facebook! I had no clue you had a blog. So excited to follow you on here. :)