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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long time no blog....

It's been over a month~ and I still don't have my most recent pics on the computer. I need to get with it.

Funny story.... Hunter is obsessed with cars and trucks. Not news to anyone who has been around him lately. He talks constantly about which trucks have hitches and that they can pull a trailer. He also talks about gas tanks and points them out on every car we pass. Along with that obsession, he will remember little details about people's cars. He noticed that the side view mirror on Blake's (my brother) truck was broken. When we asked Blake what had happened, he said that my dad, "Babs" to Hunter, had hit it backing out of the carport on the column. A couple of days later, here was our conversation
Hunter: "The mirror on Blake's car is broken."
Me: "I know. Who broke it?"
Hunter: "Babs... that little stinker!"

Just goes to show that he listening when we talk to him!

Another Funny Story....
As we were passing by our church the other day, Hunter announced, "There's my church!" I replied, "You're right buddy. Who do we learn about at church?" Hunter's response as serious as could be... "The ladies."

A little background... Hunter refers to the women who are his Sunday School teachers as "The ladies." When we were having severe separation anxiety with the entire church drop off thing, he would say, "No my want to go see the ladies." Sometimes he would even bring them up at home and say, "No ladies coming to my house." Now, he is excited about church and wants to see the ladies. As a matter of fact, he taught the ladies at church about gas tanks and hitches on all of the play cars in the classroom 2 weeks ago. Hilarious! Anyway, he associates church with "The Ladies!" For now at least!

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