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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Always busy...

Seems like life is never dull around here. The other day, after Hunter was bathed and clean, off he ran to get into something. After a few minutes of quiet, this is what I found....

He had found a pen in the sunroom by the computer and was doing "kuh-wers" all over. That's Hunter's way of saying "colors." I never realized how hard it is to get pen off when it's covering most of your body!

Once dressed, he made his way into his room and proceeded to pull out every single book from the baskets and the shelves. This is pre-mess! He looks so cute in his madras shorts!

Hunter loves to visit daddy at the office. The other day I needed to go and make some copies for a baby shower and had told Hunter that we were going to the office. At the end of our street, instead of taking a right to head towards the office, I turned left to return some movies first. I looked in my rearview mirror to see Hunter pointing over his shoulder to the back saying, "No mama, dat way. Dat way to da office." I am still in disbelief that he has such a sense of direction at this age!

Hunter is entering a silly stage. He knows when people are looking at him or if we are talking about him and he will make silly faces by squiting his eyes closed, scrunching up his nose and showing his teeth. It's hysterical in person.

When I ask him what daddy does at the office, instead of saying that he is working, Hunter tells me that "He eats da candy." I guess that's since he gets goodies and treats when he visits up at the office! Hilarious!

He got a new pair of Crocs today at Whole Earth and talked about them the entire way home. "My new shoes." "My shoes." "Look at da shoes." Is what I heard all the way home!

While we were running errands, as we went in the third store for the day, I said, "Hunter, maybe we'll find a treasure." Well, two stores later, I see him dashing off in front of me towards the front window of the store saying, "I see da treasure." Sure enough, sitting on the floor of this ladies' boutique was a wooden chest that looked like a treaure chest! When I asked him what was in it and asked if "Food" or "Toys" or "Clothes" were in it, he said "No, money." He thinks that there is money in the treasure chest. Maybe watching Dora has paid off after all this time!

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