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Friday, January 11, 2008

Key West, Florida

It was Key West, FL or bust for the Stouffer family to start of 2008! We had a great time and stayed in the neatest place that was on a small island off of Key West. Hunter had the best time riding the boat, playing in the sand and thw pool, seeing the animals at the Aquarium and especially dancing!

Hunter loved dancing to the music at the Conch Seafood Company Restaurant. He had a crowd of admirers by the time he was finished!

Here is Lazy Days, the cottage that Chris, Hunter and I shared with Kristin. It was located right by the pool and hot tub.

Chris got called up to participate in one of the street performers acts on the last night. Key West is known for their Sunset Celebration that happens everynight. People gather from all over to watch the quirky performances and see the sun go down over the ocean.

Hunter was very entertained with his "puter" on the plane. He thinks the portable DVD player is his own computer.

Here's Nemo- we found him!!

Here's a pic of the cottages and the beautiful landscape on the private island we were on.

Hunter had a blast with the sand and even though it was a little cool out there, you'd never know it!

Jones family in Key West!

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Shelly said...

Hi, Glad I found your blog! My husband and I are trying to plan a trip to Key West for September 2008. Looks like you all had a fantastic vacation!