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Sunday, December 9, 2007

What we've been up to...

As Christmas and Hunter's 2nd birthday are approaching, we have been so busy! We were excited a couple of weeks ago when President Bush came to town. Hunter and I went with Babs and Sha Sha and all of their neighbors to see the procession of cars coming up the street. Hunter was given a poster by one of the girls and he loved holding it. He even got to sit on a police motorcycle. How fun!!

Hunter and I had the opportunity to see Sesame Street Live a couple of weeks ago when they were in town. It was "Elmo's Music Show" so of course he loved it. It was our first "performance" to go to and he did great.

We spent Thanksgiving in Waco with family and he had a blast with his cousins. He had a permanent smile on his face just trying to keep up with all of the fun things that they do. They all had fun drinking hot chocolate on Thanksgiving morning.

Later that weekend at the lake, Hunter had his first smore! Yum!!

Backtracking a bit... back in Waco... This is Hunter's new residence- in the laundry room fridge!

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