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Friday, April 13, 2007

Update on the House!

We are so excited- as you can see by the pictures, they have broken into the house. The pictures show the view from the new family room looking into the kitchen. This one above was taken right after they created the opening. I was so excited to see how much it opened up the kitchen. It's going to be great!
This picture shows the arch that they created to mimic the others found in the house. We thought it would keep some of the charm that the older part of the house already has. Here is Hunter walking across the pine wood floors that we were fortunate to uncover beneath the yucky linoleum in the kitchen. Hallelujah!!
Looking from the kitchen into the new family room. French doors were installed today!

The new front porch- it adds so much to the curb appeal of the house and has only taken a little over a day to get to this stage.

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